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Uniform & Dress Code, TK-8 School

Our goal is to make learning, not clothing, the student’s focus. When students are dressed and “ready” for learning, there are fewer distractions and increased accomplishments in the classroom. Willie J Frink College Prep Head of School and Administrators reserve the right to deem all hairstyles/general appearance as appropriate. Modifications to hair/dress will be required if the dress code is not followed. Adherence to the dress code is the student’s responsibility.


Uniform Tops: 

  • Shirts must have the Willie J Frink College Prep logo

  • Sweaters and cardigans must also have the Willie J Frink College Prep logo 

  • Willie J Frink College Prep t-shirts and other Spirit Wear may ONLY be worn on Frink Fridays 

Uniform Bottoms: 

  • All shorts must be fingertip length or longer

  • Capris, Skorts, Pants, Skirts, Dresses, Leggings (under clothing), and Yoga Pants, are permitted

  • Uniform pants are not permitted to be rolled down at the waist. 

Shoes and Socks: 

  • Socks must be school colors or white, navy, pink, gray, or black 

  • Shoes may not have “high heels” or “wedges” 

  • Shoes must have a closed toe and back


  • Hair is to be well groomed, clean, and out of the eyes at all times 

  • Facial hair must be well-maintained and neatly trimmed


  • Unusual colors, combinations of colors, designs, or excessively heavy make-up that would be distracting is not to be worn 

  • No visible tattoos are permitted at school, at school functions, or during Willie J Frink College Prep events

  • Hats, scarves, bandannas, or scarf headbands are not permitted to be worn in school unless permission is given by the administration. 

  • Earrings are the only acceptable form of visible body piercing unless permission is given by the administration

  • Excessive, noisy, or distracting jewelry is not permitted 

Violations of the dress code will result in disciplinary action. 



  • All students are expected to be clean, neat, and well-groomed. Clothing should be clean, fresh smelling, and in good repair, i.e., free of holes, tears, or stains. 

  • Willie J Frink College Prep students attending any school-sponsored event must wear appropriate clothing whether the event is on the campus or away from the campus. 

  • Willie J Frink College Prep may be able to assist with laundry service when needed. 

  • Financial assistance may be available for those who need support purchasing uniforms.

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