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Parent Involvement

  • Family involvement is voluntary; however, when parents are involved, children tend to be more successful.

  • The most engaged families complete 40 family service hours, which is what we recommend in a school year. 

  • There are many ways for families to be involved, for example:

    • School Site Council

    • Booster Club

    • Classroom volunteer

    • Office volunteer

Advocacy Is What We Do

  • A bold group of parents petitioned to create our school as a tuition-free public charter school.

  • As a parent, you must advocate for our charter school to keep our charter school.

  • Parents, yours is the most powerful voice to keep elected officials focused on your child's needs, rather than the needs of adults and bureaucracies. 

  • You will be expected to attend school board meetings, and events at the State Capitol and speak to elected officials when asked in order to advocate for your child's charter school. 

Parent Advocacy Program

Parents your voice is powerful! The charter school parent advocacy program provides parents with advocacy training to help keep elected officials focused on our children's needs.

Parents will learn:

  • Advocacy 101

  • Media Preparation

  • Hands-On Experience 

  • Civic Engagement

Register to participate in the charter school parent advocacy program today! 

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