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Arleana Waller, the Willie J Frink College Prep founder and lead petitioner, is an award-winning ShEO and community advocate and organizer who has been advocating for children in Kern County. Arleana leverages her power position to be the voice for the voiceless among the most influential, socially engaged and acclaimed leaders in effort to build the next generation of leaders. She has experience in youth, civic, and community engagement alongside equity and social justice work aimed to improve relationships and processes.

Arleana attended Bakersfield College and California State University, Bakersfield. She brings more than twenty years of leadership experience and accomplishments. She has been recognized as a Valiant Leader by Congress. She has also received the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Lifetime Achievement award for her community work in Kern County. She has received multiple leadership awards and recognition for her impactful leadership from Congress, Senate, Assembly, Board Supervisors, City Council, Mayors and Community partners for her dedicated service to building youth leaders in the Central Valley.  


In 2016, she founded ShePower Leadership Academy and has served as the ShePower Global Ambassador. This organization has touched the lives of more than 500 girls through mentorship, personal development and diverse leadership opportunities. She saw the need and 

developed a school hub during the pandemic, which offered students tutoring and power circles to help them succeed. 


Arleana has served in many different capacities which gives her diverse experience to lead Willie J Frink Leadership Academy. She has developed and actively contributed to ShePower’s free tutoring program for students in Kern County. As a member of the community, Arleana takes ownership and responsibility for making sure that young leaders in Kern County are reaching their full potential and achieving academic excellence. Arleana is determined to use her community work and relationships to make a lasting impact on the lives of students and families for future generations to further close the economic gap and position the next generation to lead in excellence.

5 stars Willie J Frink Power Prep-01 (1).png

5 stars Willie J Frink Power Prep-01 (1).png


5 stars Willie J Frink Power Prep-01 (1).png
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